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PT Cahaya Perdana Plastics was established in 1972 in North Jakarta for the manufacture of plastic housewares under the "Lion Star" trademark . Products that we produced are high quality products to meet domestic and international market by type, color and size which very diverse for domestic use at an affordable price.

Starting from the experience of three decades, the company continuously improvising to provide products better, and periodically change colors series on our products to give new refreshment to those products. Similarly, the company continues to pursue reforms to participate in preserving the environment through the efficient use of energy and use of materials that are environmentally friendly.

In the midst of intense competition in the industry, companies realize that customer satisfaction is the thing that should not be overlooked and these factors become the mission of the company.

Vision and Mission: Becoming a household appliances manufacturer of quality plastic and also presents a wide range of products to meet the needs and satisfaction of consumers at home and abroad at affordable prices.